Sunday 19 February 2012


Feb 19,2012, Deccan Herald

Food and Drug Administration department has seized 700 tins of adulterated ghee from a dairy here, officials said on Sunday.

MORENA (MP): Following a tip-off, officials raided the dairy located at Keshav Colony area on Saturday and recovered 700 tins of fake ghee, apart from things like chemicals, washing powder, vanaspati ghee which are used in the adulteration process in huge quantities.


  1. oh nice.. there are n number of Ghee manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh who offer retailers a margin of 40% and above.. Wonder how much of vanaspati is being added.. wish to see some raids soon in andhra pradesh soon, such that people can get to eat unadultrated Ghee.

  2. Why the authorities do not publish the names of ghee manufacturers ? Why there is no system in place for alerting the public of results of food sample testing by analytical labs? Why the Food authorities in Kerala took more than one month (19 December 2011) to issue directions to food safety officers in the state to search for adulterated chilly powder (sudan mixed)after the Spices board detected the same in 16 November 2011 and intimated the same to the state food authority on 17 November 2011 ? Why did the State Food Authority not consider that this one month delay would have helped the manufacturers (Eastern condiments) in managing their product in the local market ? Kindly offer your views...

  3. What about Adulterated Ghee that was already distributed to the retailers/ whoesalers in the marketplace. Any recall?

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