Wednesday 16 November 2011

How to register/license your food business

Nov 16, 2011

The directorate of food and drugs administration (FDA) in Goa is responsible for implementing and enforcing all food and drug related legislation. This includes controlling the quality of food articles manufactured and sold within Goa as well as manufactured outside the state but sold within.

The recent notification of the food safety and standards (licensing and registrations of food business) regulations 2011 by the Indian government, has put out new rules effective in the state from August 5, 2011. The last date for registering or licensing a food-related business is August 5, 2012.

Food manufacturers and business operators, who have approvals under the Goa prevention of food adulteration rules 1982, will have to convert them to registration/licence under the new regulation by applying to FDA.

Source: The Times of India


  1. The Directorate of food and drugs administration in Goa doing good job by inspecting quality of food articles manufactured in Goa and outside Goa.

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  2. Ther is no such provision as last date for registering or licensing a food-related business is August 5, 2012 in the new FSS Act,2006

  3. Thera is no provision to take a seperate license for the godown which we store our goods but do not sale it, then also why we have to take another licence in the name & address of godown separetly. Pls. see to it & Reply to me

  4. To register a home based food business in Goa, do you need to get the trade licence form the municiplality and NOC from te health department?

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