Wednesday 2 November 2011

FSSAI panel discusses rationale for setting microbiological parameters

November 02, 2011

In a recent meeting of the scientific panel of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) it was clarified by Dr Naresh Goyal, senior scientist, National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), presented a review of microbiological standards of dairy products. He highlighted the background of Milk and Milk Products standards and the existing standards of milk and milk products in the FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives)

Regulation, 2011, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), USDA (US Department of Agriculture), EU (European Union), Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, Hungary, WHO Food Standards and Japan were compared.

He said that the limits for different microbiological parameters as given in the FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011, for milk and milk products were at the manufacturing level. The justification for the same was the lack of proper cold storage chain from the manufacturing stage to the retail stage.

The members of the panel were of the opinion that technically product shall have the same standard till it reached the consumer. It was decided that the regulatory bodies shall fix limits/standards at vendor level/consumer level. If storage conditions were specified for any product they should be applicable throughout the chain.

Also, it was unanimously decided by members that expressing limits of different microbiological parameters for milk as “per gram” of milk was better than “per millilitre (ml).”

Also, “Not Available” or “Not Required” written under certain microbiological parameters should be clearly specified in the draft documents and regulations and the rationale for the same shall also be given.

Source: FnB News


  1. The FSS act was implemented on 5th August 2011 with full effect but traders of MP (Madhya Pradesh)were highly agrieved by provisions, rules & regulations of this act & went on strike for 3 days viz 9,10 & 11 April 2012 against it. This was followed by All India Trade association's intension to go on strike too but today Prime Minister assured that Government will reconsider the problems of traders therefore all India strike is now postponed. Lets see How Govt will solve problems of traders without affecting the interest of consumer & health of general public. Point to note is that adulteration is one of the biggest evil nowadays.

    Ajit Pateriya
    Former District & Sessions Judge

  2. Every citizen agrees that Adulteration is the biggest menace facing the country today. But does this Act, copied blindly from other countries has a real good solution for it ? This is a country where govt is not able to provide potable water to its people. This law is to create more harassement than convinieance for the lower group of self dependent illiterate but skilfull people of this country,earning only enough to meet their living needs, where state is unable to provide livelihood .

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