Wednesday 9 November 2011

FDA finds two of 48 sweet samples misbranded

PANAJI: Two of the 48 samples of sweets collected from sweet shops in the state by the food and drug administration (FDA) before Diwali were found to be 'misbranded'.

FDA carried out a drive from October 3 to 25 and collected 48 samples of sweets from different shops in the state. These samples were then sent to the food and drugs laboratory. "The report submitted last week reveals that only two samples were found to misbranded," said FDA director Salim Veljee. The two misbranded samples from the seized 600kg consignment of suspected poor quality kalakand were brought from Karnataka to be supplied to sweetmarts in Vasco.

The kalakand was loaded off the Goa Express train and dumped just outside the railway station, to be supplied to sweet marts in Vasco. Kalakand is brought to Goa from Hubli, Miraj and Belgaum.
The food inspectors found that there were about 20 bags, 30kg each, worth about 70,000 that did not have any labels on them specifying manufacturing or expiry dates or the nutritional value of the content. During the inquiry it was revealed that two sweet manufacturing units-Sweet Palace sweetmart owned by Babulal Borana and Sanman sweetmart owned by Ratan Boram, in Vasco, who did not have FDA licences, had procured the kalakand. The FDA has asked them to stop their operations. The FDA has already registered an offence against Anna Pawar from Hubli under the Foods Safety and Standards Act. It is suspected that Pawar was one of the persons to supply the misbranded consignment.

Source: The Times of India

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