Thursday 25 August 2011

Kerala food safety commissioner’s strong stand against synthetic ice creams

August 25, 2011

It has come to the notice of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that synthetic ice creams made of petroleum products are being sold in most parts of the country.

This was informed in a circular issued by the food safety commissioner of the Kerala state to district food inspectors.

It said that ice cream was supposed to be made from milk, egg and sugar and that stabilising agents like pectin, agar and propylene are allowed at 0.5%. But manufacturers were making ice creams only by mixing all these stabilising agents and selling them in the market. These ice creams were injurious for health.

The circular has asked the inspectors (food safety officers) to be alert against these malpractices and to take urgent action against these manufacturers.

“People should be aware of these kinds of synthetic ice creams in the market,” it said.

However, the circular said that no such complaints were received so far in the state of Kerala.

Even Maharashtra FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that no such case has been received by the Authority yet. However, according to an ice cream consultant, most of the manufacturers are doing so, in order to reduce the input cost and improve the texture of ice cream by making it smoother. ”Stabilisers are like petroleum jelly, which give firmness to the ice cream, without the obstruction of sugar granules,” he said.

Ice cream is a by-product of milk. As per present provision of food law, there should be at least 10 per cent of milk fat and milk protein in the ice cream made from cow milk and buffalo milk. The additives, colours and preservatives used if any, should be clearly mentioned on the label.

Source: FnB News


  1. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) vide their Notification, dated the 1st August, 2011 stated: 2.3.4: Product not to contain any substance which may be injurious to health: Tobacco and nicotine shall not be used as ingredients in any food products. Why no one is bannning Gutka and Pan Masala.

  2. in the new fss act and regulations it is seen that some item previously termed hazardous to health like aspartame saccharin etc have now been given a clean chit and allowed to be used freely witin limits in even coffee and tea, among a large no of food items.
    similarly the food color erythrosine found canceros has now been brought back.must be to woo their soon we can find a flurry of unhealthy wholesome food articles served on a clean platter .is this what FSS act is all about?

    whose interest are the fss serving?

  3. how to differentiate between synthetic and real ice cream?

  4. The common man will not be able to understand the difference. So why wait for a complaint from the public. If the authorities know about this, why can't they undertake inspections of ice cream available in market and bring the culprits in front of law.

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